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Thaddeus Heng (SL Chem, ACS-Indep)

"The tutor is friendly, caring, and most of all highly committed. He cleared all my doubts regarding SL Chemistry, and his lessons and materials are easy to follow and use. I especially appreciate the extra time he took to hold consultations outside of working hours and to answer any questions."

 Matthew Ong (SL Chem, HCIS)

"As a student with IBL for 4 years, it has been a very pleasant and fruitful journey. The tutor is industrious and the lesson notes given were concise, condensed and convenient for revision. Nonetheless, I highly recommend students that are embarking on their IB journey but encounters difficulties in IB Chemistry to enroll here."

Dawn Tay (HL Chem, ACS-Indep)

"My tutor was able to effectively simplify complex chemistry concepts, allowing me to understand and enjoy the subject a lot more! Thanks to his dedication and patience, he always clear up any misconceptions I might have through online consultations." 

Ashley Yeo (HL Chem, ACS-Indep)

"Through the dedication of my tutor, I received comprehensive guidance and useful tips which really helped me improve my chemistry grade. I was able to better grasp the various IB HL chemistry concepts as my tutor knew exactly how to simplify and explain them to us. The lessons were indeed fun and enjoyable!"

Zenith Teo (O Level, SJI)

"The tutor was extremely patient throughout the months of teaching and was always encouraging me despite my setbacks."

Jeanette Liang (HL Chem, SJI)

"Through attending the lessons, I have definitely gained a lot of understanding in chemistry concepts. I am appreciative for all the time and effort from the tutor to guide me and marking my tuition assignments."

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