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November 2022 IB results: Singapore excels with nearly half of perfect scorers worldwide

Updated: Jan 6

Students who sat the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma exams in Singapore in November 2022 have once again done well. Their average score was 39.5 out of 45, higher than the global average of 30.9 and Asia-Pacific average of 35.6.

Nearly half of the perfect scorers worldwide – 55 out of 120 – came from Singapore. A total of 21 schools in Singapore conducted the IB examinations in November 2022. These included Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) (Independent), St Joseph’s Institution (SJI), Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah and Singapore Sports School. Students in the international school arms of ACS, SJI and Hwa Chong also collected their results.

The Switzerland-based IB organisation that conducts the exams said that 2,276 diploma programme (DP) and career-related programme (CP) students in Singapore received their results on Tuesday. Globally, there were more than 18,100 candidates. Nearly all of the students in Singapore, or 98.8 per cent, passed the diploma exams, compared with the global average of 81.7 per cent and Asia-Pacific average of 92.5 per cent.

All 440 of the students from ACS(I) – the first Singapore school to offer the IB diploma after it was accredited in 2005 – passed the IB exam. Their average score was 41.8 points, with 369 of them obtaining 40 points and above.

All 266 IB students at SJI who took the DP passed, with an average score of 41 points; 205 of them attained 40 points and above.

SJI International’s cohort of 198 students scored an average of 39 points, with 50.5 per cent of them attaining 40 points or more.

Of the 21 student-athletes at the Singapore Sports School who took the IB diploma exams, 14 scored 40 points and above.

A total of 164 students from School of the Arts Singapore (Sota) took the IB exams in November. The school recorded a 100 per cent pass rate for both the DP and CP. Its DP students obtained an average score of 39.7 points, with more than one in two scoring 40 points and above.

Articles taken from Straits Times written by Amelia Teng.

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